A fossil is an item that can be found in an ore underground. They spawn in heaps of gravel. Mining it will give you a Covered Fossil. You first need to clean it using a Fossil Cleaner. Then, it can be revived in a Fossil Machine to get a Pokémon. The Pokémon you will get will depend what fossil you get after cleaning it.

Pokémon obtained from fossilsEdit

This is a list of Pokémon you can obtain from fossils, and their respective fossil.

Helix Fossil - Omanyte

Dome Fossil - Kabuto

Old Amber - Aerodactyl

Root Fossil - Lileep*

Claw Fossil - Anorith

Skull Fossil - Cranidos

Armor Fossil - Shieldon

Cover Fossil - Tirtouga

Plume Fossil - Archen


  • Evolutionary line not implemented yet